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Swim Bike Run NYC prides itself on offering only the best services for your active lifestyle. Find out how you can experience the best services for your swimming, cycling or running needs at SBR.


Remember, your bike is your best partner on the road, and for that reason it deserves to be checked regularly, especially before each race. SBR offers complete, professional mechanical service including installations, adjustments, maintenance and specialized tune ups. All of our tune-ups and bike services are performed at our store by our full-time experienced bike mechanics.


Adjustment of front and rear derailleur.
Adjustment of front and rear brakes.
Adjust headset.
Oil change


Standard tune-up plus:
Cleaning of cassette
Cleaning of bottom bracket
Cleaning of the frame


Standard and Complete tune-up procedures as described above plus:
Truing of wheels
Adjustments and cleaning on everything


You live in the New York City area, but you want to travel to a vacation spot or participate in races around the globe. How are you going to get your bike there?

Most major airlines accept oversized and heavy checked packages, but will charge an additional fee. Please contact your airline for up to date prices and restrictions.

However, if you are tired of the high costs, inconvenience and risks of checking your bike with the airlines, try shipping your bike with Swim Bike Run NYC.

It is recommended that you bring your bike to the store at least 5 business days before the scheduled date of your arrival at your vacation or race event. If you have questions regarding transport time or how to ship your bike to a foreign country, call our customer service for advice.

Bring your bike box with you. If you do not have a box for your bike, we can pack your bike in a special bike cardboard box available for a nominal fee of $35. We use the same sturdy boxes which bicycle companies use to ship their product to us.

There is a $60 charge for the breakdown and packaging of your bicycle. This is handled by our very experienced mechanical team, who will treat your bike with care. If you prefer to bring in your bike already disassembled and boxed, we can provide shipping service for you too unless we deem the packaging unsatisfactory for shipment.

Swim Bike Run NYC ships all bikes via UPS. All UPS shipments are automatically insured for up to $100. Additional insurance is available for $6 per $100 and is highly recommended. Swim Bike Run NYC does not take responsibility for any damage during shipment, but we will assist you in filing a claim with UPS in case you need one.


The bicycle is the most efficient human-powered vehicle ever devised. We want to ensure this is true for you. Don’t let your local bike shop guess your size by simply standing above the top tube of a bike. There is no such thing as a “quick fit”. At Swim Bike Run NYC, we take multiple factors into consideration, such as injuries, asymmetries, and your short and long term cycling goals. We understand that your riding style and habits impact your body’s range of motion and we adjust your bike fit accordingly. Swim Bike Run NYC has become renowned for fitting services. Our clients have ranged from all backgrounds and experience levels in cycling. We have fit “Top 10” Ironman athletes, as well as fitness enthusiasts looking to achieve a better understanding of just how comfortable their first bike can be.

Why is Fit So Important?

Fitting a bicycle is not the same as sizing. Fitting is a process that allows a trider to understand his or her body. It will show you your strengths, your limitations. It will give you a greater understanding of where your fitness is today and what it can be tomorrow. Understanding this is key. The next step is to optimize your bicycle to create a geometry where your position is natural, powerful, and compliments your abilities as a cyclist.

Understanding your fit

Bicycle fitting is an interactive process. To optimize one’s position there are many aspects that need to be taken into account. The rider, fitter, and bike all have a piece of what is necessary to create a good fit. It takers a dynamic interaction with the fitter, and constant feedback from your body to see just what works and what doesn’t. Our goal is to have you leave our Fit Lab with a position that compliments your ability as a cyclist, as well as necessary knowledge that can be used throughout your cycling lifespan.

We are F.I.S.T. Certified Tri Fit Technicians


Don’t settle for anyone else’s bike. At Swim Bike Run NYC you can now create your very own unique bike with Project One, Trek’s custom bike program. Customize, personalize, sensationalize—the choice is yours. Just select the model, fit, styling, and components you desire, and we’ll make sure Trek builds your dream bike. Together we’ll create your custom bike the way Trek builds every Project One bike: by hand, one at a time, with the love and care only the most experienced bike builders and finishers can offer. We’ll obsess over every detail, maybe even more than you will. And when your custom bike arrives, the reality will surpass the dream. For more information contact customer service at cs@sbrshop.com.


Try on a wetsuit in our Endless Pool before making your buying decisions. It is a challenge to determine how your new wetsuit is going to feel before you are actually in the water. This program provides a great way to guarantee a most comfortable and accurate fit of your new suit. Our staff will provide you with the support and instruction needed to find the perfect wetsuit for you so that you can be the first out of the water!

This service is free when you by a wetsuit with us. If you decide not to purchase a wetsuit after trying our your suit a $25 fee will be charged.


Our Endless Pool provides a open water-like resistance that is totally adjustable in speed from a gentle flow to a competitive swimmers pace. Prepare for your race or experience the difference of a regular pool to open water conditions. Train for success: Adjust the speed of the current and monitor your swim style in the two mirrors (one at the bottom of the pool, the other at a 45 degree angle) all while swimming.


1/2 hour Pool Rental: $25

1 hour Pool Rental: $35