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Swim Bike Run is retail store for people with an active lifestyle enjoying swimming, cycling, running, triathlon and yoga. Like you, we are people who love being outside, exercise and completing goals while improving ourselves. We use sport as a way to refresh and strengthen both body and mind. Being active isn’t just something we do, it’s what we are and how we live our lives. Whether you are preparing for your first bike ride, an open water swim, half marathon or an ironman triathlon, we’ve got you covered. Swim Bike Run NYC not only helps to improve your performance, but also makes your sport a lot more fun.

At Swim Bike Run our staff offers cyclists, runners, swimmers and triathletes unparalleled service, product expertise and objective technical information. We use the products we sell ourselves and test new gear as it comes out. This hands-on approach means that you, our customer, knows that you can trust our advice. We are here to help you find the product that best fits your needs and makes the most efficient use of your time and money. With our personal concierge help it couldn’t be easier to get the products that fuel your passion.

Sport is special in its ability to help us appreciate the great outdoors in a personal way. At Swim Bike Run, believe that the essential nature of the company must be to contribute to the future of people and society as much as possible. On that account, we will continue to pursue our dream: promotion of quality products at a fair price that excite the heart of people by the fusion of technology and human touch.

We are committed to support an active lifestyle in all its manifestations. Swim Bike Run has an ever-growing activities program that helps and encourages athletes around the world as they complete their goals. We feel that our support of beginner athletes is especially important, as a first event can cement a life-long love of sport.


At Swim Bike Run we promote a joyful life for people with products we believe in firmly, that work and will foster more active lifestyles and a positive future. We are in business to enhance the quality of your life and health. To succeed, we live by a short but important list of values.


We believe our company has no limit and is driven by our customers, staff and their passion. We are here to help our customers - without them nothing else matters.


We take pride in everything we do. from our people, to the products we carry, and the relationships with product partners and our community, quality is our signature.


Swim Bike Run and all of its product partners are committed to maintaining the highest level of integrity throughout all aspects of our interactions, and strive to ensure that our business associates, including agents, vendors and suppliers, share our commitment to socially responsible employment conditions.


Swim Bike Run is committed to environmental stewardship, and more specifically, to sound paper procurement practices that ensure the sustainability of forests and other natural resources. We have initiated these practices within a framework of well-founded business disciplines that ensure that we can meet the commitments we have made to all of our stakeholders. We continue to work to develop additional company-wide initiatives to promote sustainability across all aspects of our business.


Increased concern about the environment has reminded us of our association with nature and the immediate need to take fundamental measures for its protection, even as we progress to greater heights of technology. 85% of our retail store is made out of PCG (post consumer goods). 80% of our shipping materials is recycled. 50% of American households recycle their paper products. On average our customers recycle 60%, but, in sharingIndex Management their environmental concern, we’re making 100% recycling the goal. With your help we can make this a reality by recycling shipping boxes, paper and catalogs. Renewing natural resources makes good sense. And it’s easy.

For information about recycling catalogs in your community, visit www.earth911.org

Thank you for your support.